The Era of Design Systems Is Gone

History of Russian Design Systems

What’s Up With Design Systems Right Now

  1. Graphic editing software (largely thanks to Figma) have survived the war with code and remain the main tools of the designer.
  2. It is still only mobile design that lends itself to some sort of systematization. Largely thanks to the standard platform interface elements and patterns in iOS and Android. And also thanks to a simple single-stream vertical structure, which allows a simple system of containers and indents between them, which simplifies the process of page design. Another thing is the web, where there are columns, which means there are several threads between which you need to maintain consistency.
  3. This is not a design system, but a library of basic components. A little more complicated, a little more tricked out, augmented with templates, but still a library — the well-established knowledge that registered, formalized and put on the shelf.
  4. The main task of this library, as the guys themselves say, is saving time on searching for or redrawing standard screens or states, which allows you to focus more on the task. In other words — the designer does not need to start with a blank frame, but can take a ready-made page (or quickly build it themselves) and, with it, start solving their problem.

The Problems of Design Systems

Designer ≠ Engineer.

Product Growth

The Need for Strong Designers

The Future of Design Systems

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